Monday, January 15, 2007

Working on Mermaid


I'm new to this blog, but pretty excited about it! I've been keeping my little gem of a kit in the corner and you all have inspired me to get it out (especially the one that has made 3!!)

I bought my kit about a year ago and waited several months to start it. I'm not too far into it. It just doesn't feel "right" when I'm knitting. I'm an A.D.D. knitter anyway and this "wrongness" hasn't helped my disorder. :)

Anyway, my name is Kallie and I'm from South Bend, IN. Been knitting since I was a kid. I also spin and quilt.
Looking forward to playing with you all via the web.



fiberfanatic said...

Hi Kallie! Welcome to knitting the Mermaid! You can do it! Have you written Amy for the spreadsheet? That really helped me knit the ones I've done!

KallieKY said...

Yes, I've emailed Amy but haven't heard back yet. No doubt that will help a lot. I usually write out a pattern anyway, but this one was a little overwhelming. Now I just need some serious snow to give me some snowdays from work! :)

fiberfanatic said...

Amy had computer problems, and her mail was really backed up. I bet she writes you soon! Keep us informed on your progress!