Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hello from Wales

Glad to be joining the blog...I've been reading it for a couple of weeks and it's very inspiring. The kits I am getting are Pagode and Pyramide...I could not make up my mind between Pagode colorway 1 or 2...anyone got these??? I wasn't sure how representational the colours on Hanne's website were..given how some folks blog pigs seem lighter than the Falkenberg gallery pics.
I also couldn't find any webpics of the Pyramide blueberry/black and chestnut/black colourways. They both sounded lovely.
Anyhow, I'm based in the Uk and I plan to start on Pyramide.


Linda said...

I've purchased a couple of Hanne kits, and the colors really aren't represented very well on the web site pictures. My Studio #3 looked like a bright green and turquoise in the pictures, but the colors were actually much less intense in actuality. I just received the LaScala scarf kit and the colors for the #3 are brighter (prettier than the pictures!) Hopefully you can get in touch with someone who has the colors you are interested in.

Anonymous said...

I purchased my first Hanne kit several weeks ago and am ready to start it. I got Pyramide in the Dove/Ivory colorway and you are right about the colors. On the website Dove (blue) looks much brighter than it really is. I still like the blue (more of a grey/blue than bright blue)but was a little disappointed at first. I am quite excited about knitting this project. Has anyone knitted it? Any errors in the pattern?