Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Help with Ballerina

I need to ask for some assistance. I'm just plain confused and not all that experienced. I am finished with my first sleeve on ballerina and am now getting ready to pick up the stitches that were on the holder(71). Do I knit them first or do I knit the 78 stitches on my needle and then knit across the stitches on the holder? I am confused. Also, the spreadsheet is superb. Does anyone have it charted where Amy left off? I know she is super busy and I didn't know if anyone had taken on that monumental task of finishing where she left off?


Frances Goodman فرانسيس said...

As I recall, if you're finished with the sleeve, then you should be at the underarm, the arm pit, really. Then you just continue and pick up the stitches on the holder. In doing this you're completing the second part of a ridge, so it should look like the sleeve is knit in the middle of a ridge that will run from the underarm to your waist.
Does that help?

sherri said...

Thanks for your help. Once I started knitting, I figured it out. I dont know why I thought it was confusing. Amy's spreadsheet really helps out. I hope I will be able to figure out the last part without it. She was wonderful to do all that she did and I am so grateful to her for her efforts.

amy! said...

I do intend to finish the spreadsheet, life just got in the way. Hopefully I'll stay ahead of you!