Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mermaid yardage

I'm almost done with Diva in purple & aubergine. Pics will follow soon, promise! She is lovely and I can't wait to see how she looks when I wear her. Next on my list is Mermaid. A fellow knitter around here bought the Mermaid kit, I had Diva and we swapped patterns. I hope you don't consider this a bad thing, as we both bought our kits. I was wondering if someone on this list can help me with the following: how much yarn do I need for a Mermaid? I found a great source for Shetland wool that is very similar to the original Hanne Falkenberg yarns. The shop that sells it will be present at a fair I hope to visit next weekend, so I'm getting my shopping list ready. The best thing is, I'll get to pick my own favourite colours in real life! I don't mind mail ordering, even from abroad usually works out well, but I'd really like to see the colours when I buy the yarn. Haven't decided what it'll be yet, but there's plenty of choice. I'd be very happy if someone can tell me how many yards or meters or grams of each colour I'll need for Mermaid.


fiberfanatic said...

Repeating what I've said before:

In the comments on February 10 2006, iIvpons said she had received, “Color A 365 gr.
Color B 105 gr.
Color C 95 gr.”

So, with Harrisville New England Shetland, which some have said is the same or nearly the same yarn, Color A would need 1440 yards, Color B 420 yards, and Color C 380 yards.

IsabelG said...

Hi Arja,

I see that you are in The Netherlands. Is this wonderful source of yarn in NL as well? Could you please post the name and location?

Thanks in advance,


Anonymous said...

@ fiberfanatic: thank you, looks like the info I need!

@ isabelg: my source is but to see her yarns at her site, you need to register as a customer first. she will be at the fair in Zwolle this weekend, where i'm going to hit her stall.

IsabelG said...

In case somebody else is interested in the address: (missing an e in the original)

Anonymous said...

oops :)
thx isabel!

Petunia Honeysuckle said...

Arja, I am eager to see your Diva. I too am knitting Mermaid soon :)

Anonymous said...

Diva: I'm almost there, almost! can't seem to finish that last bit. there'll be pics of her soon though, as well as photos of the yarn I'll be buying for Mermaid this Saturday.