Wednesday, February 21, 2007

HELP with Dacapo Jacket

This is my first HK project -- I love it -- even if it is taking me months to complete. But, I have become confused in working with the right front. Before I bore my sister/fellow blogsters with the minutia -- does anyone think they can help me?
Hail to Hanna.


nyproducer said...

I mean: Hail to Hanne!

Gail* said...

I am working on the left front of Dacapo and would be happy to help if I can.

nyproducer said...

Thanks, Gail.

On the Right front instruction - it says to (at the same time k front sts & sleeve sts together) and (as front folds back from "4" ... work front as follows). What follows is instructions for Row 1 & Row 2 which says ... "PURL 2 tog" for the front st & sleeve sts. I have taken these instructions to mean the stitch for putting the front and sleeve stitches together is, in fact, a PURL. And, I started the Row 1 and Row 2 instructions immediately -- because the phrase "as front folds back" was too vague in such a detailed geometric pattern.

Sorry about the detail -- but my question is this: am I doing the right thing (it looks like I am) -- and once I get to the end of this section -- it appears to ME as if all the stitches will remain on the needle -- there is no explicit indication of that -- but I see no direction to bind off.


I hope you can give me some insights. Thanks.

gail* said...

When you are finished, you will have a solid square of one color with all of the sleeve stitches "purled" together and for the large size 78 stitches, I think, still on the needle. These remain "live" and are used in the finishing of the neck.

You will end up with a very nicely finished join between the sleeve and the front.

One reason it says "as the front folds back" is to alert you to a change in last three binding stitches. They are different from the bottom edge of the sweater because they fold back and are now on the right side of the garment.

Wow, this is hard to put into words.
If I am not making any sense, I will be glad to call you.

nyproducer said...

Phew! Your advice has given me reassurance. You never want to work on a project this long -- on tiny little needles -- and find out you've goofed!

I do think, for the third time -- I'm going to redo the "knitting together and casting off along back/sleeve seam" It seems to pucker no matter how loose I think my stitches are.

Did you have any issues with that? Gail, I really appreciate your help!

Gail said...

Have you looked at the entry on September 29, 2006? This is how the front knits up. I believe there is another entry on or around the 19th showing how it looks just as you begin the front.

I too have been careful with stitch size and tension when knitting the front and sleeve together. Are you slipping the first stitch after you "turn?"

When you finish, the join will look terrific.
Good knitting.