Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I am new. And new to knitting Hanne Falkenberg. I tried to knit the Ballerina and was not having much success mostly with size, so I took it apart and have started on Jazz instead. I am posting two pictures. One of my checking the gauge and the other of my progress. It does feel like some days I take out more than I knit. But I think I may be getting it. Fortunately, the rows are not that long in the beginning because you start at the sleeve edge. I will plug along.
Happy to be knitting on a snow day off from school!, wendy.


sherri said...

Wendy,Is the sweater you're doing now as complicated as the Ballerina? Hanne's instructions are ridiculous for that one I think. Yours is going to be beautiful. I'm doing the ballerina on size 2's and am 1/2 stitch off the gauge. I hope I'll be okay. With Amy's spreadsheet, it's easy. I only hope she gets it finished or I'll be in trouble.

wendy said...

Hi Sherri,
The directions for Jazz are not as confusing for me as Ballerina was. Amy did not send me the spreadsheet, although I did answer her email, I guess she got too busy. So I will try Ballerina again after Jazz I had way too many stitches on my needles than the dierctions said to have). The directions for Jazz just repeat themselves, it is easier, I think. I am not an expert, though. I am working on #3 needles for Jazz. Today was a good knitting day - no ripping out yet!

sherri said...

don't even try ballerina without the spreadsheet. it makes it easy. I never would have succeeded. I am concerned that mine may be too large. I tried on a small and thought it a bit tight so I am making the m/l. I will be sick if it doesn't fit after all this work. i'm glad to know you are enjoying knitting the Jazz.

Denise/Ct said...

Welcome and good luck with the Jazz. I knit the Lastrada and it came out too large. I just felted it down a bit when I washed it the second time. I'm still happy with the fabric and the drape. That is the beauty of wool, you can block it out a bit or felt it down if necessary.