Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ballerina Spreadsheet Update!

The much awaited Ballerina spreadsheet update has been sent out! This update includes the entire 2nd sleeve for both sizes. It was really hard to work through this part because the "mirroring" and the written instructions didn't always sync up, no matter what I did. So I had to take a few liberties to make it work out right, those are explained with the spreadsheet. With the spreadsheet, I could easily count ridges and stripes to see if it all mirrored up. I can't imagine how much of a pain it would be figure this out while you were actually knitting it.

Anyway, if you're on the list for Ballerina, you should have the update in your e-mail. If not, e-mail me.

If you are interested in the spreadsheets for Ballerina or Mermaid, click here to find out more.


sherri said...

Thanks, Amy, for all of your time and efforts. Your spreadsheet has made the Ballerina a pleasure to knit. Without this marvelous tool, it would have been an absolute impossibility. You're the greatest.

Arja said...

I received the spreadsheet for Mermaid today and it looks like a great help - thank you so much, Amy! I also really liked your suggestion to not compensate you, but instead donate money to the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk charity you signed up for. Have donated money today and am casting on as we speak :)

Anonymous said...

I can't access your email for the mermaid spreadsheet. I have a mac does that make sense to you? Is there any way you can put an email address on the comments for me? Thanks.