Sunday, April 08, 2007

I-cord after provisional cast-on

After reading all the posts here I did a provisional cast-on when beginning my mermaid. But now I can't remember nor find how to make the I-cord !! Stupid me!!
Can someone help me?


Linda said...


With the provisional cast on you should start immediately knitting the body. You knit on the I-cord only AFTER you have finished the body. You'll finish the right front with an I-cord bind off. Then you should remove the scrap yarn you used for the provisional cast on, placing the live stitches onto the needle. You will then repeat the instructions for the I-cord bind off that you used on the right front for the left front. After this, you've finished the body. Does this make sense?

Ros said...

Stitch Diva has a great tutorial on provisional cast on and how to unravel it. You can find it at It's worth a look.

I have just completed both i-cords for the main body of my Mermaid, using the i-cord bind off method, so it's a subject which is still fresh in my mind. If you look on side 4 of the original pattern, just over half way down, Hanne explains in quite a lot of detail how to do it. Basically, you put all the sitches on the main body onto a straight needle. Then you cast on 4 stitches in colour C onto a double pointed needle, keep the right side facing you and bringing the yarn behind the needle, knit across the first 3 stitches and slip the 4th knitwise, then knit the first of your stitches on the main body on the straight needle, and slip the stitch over. You then slide the stiches along to the other end of the double pointed needle and start again, keeping the RS facing you and bringing the yarn behind the needle, and repeat this, taking off one stitch at a time from the straight needle, until you reach the end.

I worked the right front (ie the last part of the body you knit) from the bottom up as directed by Hanne but did the left front (ie the one you did with the provisional cast on) from the top down. The two i-cords match very well and was a lot neater than doing the whole pick up and knit thing.

LUL said...

Thanks to both of you. The result looks great :-)