Monday, March 27, 2006

Ballerina Worries

Hello everyone - I have just joined your knitalong. I am so impressed by what you are all doing, your knits are looking gorgeous. I am currently knitting Ballerina in colourway six (I think that's right, it's blue and turquoise anyway!). I am knitting this for my Mum for her Birthday and Christmas so it's really important to me that it works out right.

So, my gauge seems to be just fine, but when I measured the back length it seems to be about 20cms short ! Will this all come out in the blocking or has something gone horribly wrong do you think ? I know it says in the pattern that the drape won't come out until it's been washed and blocked but is it really going to gain 20cm ? I'm quite worried because I have put a lot of work into this and if it doesn't fit her, it's going to be a disaster - also I'm over half way and really don't want to undo it if I can help it. Any thoughts anyone ?

Anyway - I'll post a picture of my progress so far when I've got a minute.

Happy knitting everyone.

Becky x


Marie said...

If it's 20 cm short, I think there must be a mistake. You can block 2 cm but not 20. But where did you measure it - under the arm or in the middle of the back? Because it slopes a bit from under arm to middle back.

Alli said...

Something similar happened to me once. Then I found out it was a type-o. To Check... I took the number of st. I was supposed to have at that time and multiplied it by the recommended gauge. It didn't equal the measurment on the garment. That being said, with a kit that has been around for a long time, I would be surprised if there is an error in it.