Friday, March 17, 2006

*red faced*

Many, many thanks to Amanda in the UK! She pointed out an error in my Mermaid spreadsheet. Something that I either skipped over entirely or completely misinterpreted. Who knows.

The shoulder edge after the collar is supposed to match the hem edge. Hints of that crop up in the gusset treatment at the shoulder and at the back of the neck. I don't know why I missed it.

For those of you who already have my spreadsheet, I apologize. I sent an e-mail earlier explaining the problem. First thing tomorrow morning, I'll work on correcting it and send out an update. You need to decide whether to keep working on it as you have been or whether to redo it.

If you've asked for the spreadsheet, understandably, I'm not going to send it out before I correct it.

I'd like to say that this error was because I hadn't test-knit it myself, but I'm well past that point in the spreadsheet and was just flying right along. I'm not sure what I'm going to do at this point myself. I may frog it all as penance.


mydogpetey said...

You are one of our heros. Just looking at that thang is mind boggling. Your kindness in sharing it is just wonderful. Hanne's directions are intimidating on first look and I know I was saying to myself "runaway!" on the first several read throughs. Your spreadsheet (roadmap) is like a pat on the back saying - go ahead, you can knit this, it's not so bad. I'll be starting my Mermaid as soon as I clear the needles of a few small projects and will have your spreadsheet by my side. Remember we are all in this together and that is exactly what this knit-a-long is for so we don't feel like we knit-alone!

Billie said...

Amy - Please don't be hard on yourself - you've already done us all such a service by even attempting to chart this crazy pattern out. I truly don't think I could do it **at all** without the spreadsheet.

I'm just about done with the second stripe pattern and am trying to decide what to do - I'm pretty sure I'm just going to keep on knitting. It's the shoulder seam that will look different from how Hanne intended, right? I'm not convinced it's that big of a deal.

Thanks again, Amy - really. As I've said before, if I ever finish this thing, it's thanks to you, and I'll be making you something cute and purple in gratitude.

Billie said...

OK gals - I've been looking at photos of others' Mermaids-in-progress and they don't look different from mine -- I can't see the "mistake." What am I missing?

lisa said...

Amy mine is done and it's gorgeous if I do say so myself. I followed your spreadsheet so I don't think it's a big deal. Now what would it take you to "interpret" other HF patterns, I've got four more awaiting.LOL I really want to do the Crossed in Translation and have all the materials awaiting also.

Jeannine said...

Amy, don't feel bad. As the others have said, the work you have put into the spreadsheet is amazing and I am truly appreciative. I can't imagine doing it without the spreadsheet. We are spoiled. I completely agree that you should take on all the other patterns, too! I wish! How about Diva? Do you take bribes?

amy! said...

Billie --

The latest mistake in the pattern affects how the shoulder seams look. If you go dig up NotAnArtist's photos, you'll see a clear shot of that seam. Done the "right" way, I think. The way I charted it out originally, you won't get the same detail.

For everyone else hoping I'll chart another Falkenberg pattern...I'm not sure what I'm doing after this jacket. I have a few other things I'd like to try first. Including maybe a Vivian Hoxbro pattern. So it might be a while before I get back to Hanne. Sorry!