Thursday, March 09, 2006

Just about to start....

Mermaid! I'm still finishing up another sweater, but I figure I can do both at the same time. I did purchase my size 4 double pointed needles and I tried to buy size 2 circulars, but they only had 24 inch length, so I am going to try to find them tomorrow. I really want to start this weekend. Did everyone use size 2 circulars and 4 double points or are other sizes being used? I guess I need to do a gauge swatch, but just curious what everyone ended up with.


Becky said...

I went up 1 needle size, and I know others did as well. So I would definitely recommend a gauge swatch. If you have any length size 2 and 3 needles around, you can use those to determine which size you need and then go out and buy the long cable circular one. Keep in mind that the American size corresponding to the metric size varies from brand to brand, especially if you are using Addi's, to be sure to measure your needles and check the metric size on them.

strikkeforsker said...

The pattern calls for 3.00 mm, which is US 2.5. US2 is 2.75 mm and US3 is 3.25 mm, in theory. But you will often se US2/3,00 mm stamped on needles. Addis and Suzanne's (ebony and rosewood) are made in Europe and true 3.00 mm needles.
But use whatever gives the correct gauge.

I just started, it is a fun project.