Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I-Cord Again

Has anyone had experience sewing on I-Cord after the project is finished? Is this viable option?
Or knitting it on after completion as described on ChicKnits? Any caveats?
Thanks everyone!


Jeannine said...

I have not gotten there yet, so I am interested, too. I did the provisional cast on and am just working the body of the sweater. I am planning on knitting on the i-cord to the live stitches. It sounds like you mean to sew it independently, then add it. Is that correct?

Ava said...

Jeannine, Yes, that's correct. I think it would be essentially the same as knitting it on (as illustrated on the ChicKnits site) and I would only have to knit as much I-Cord as necessary. I knitted an Oat Couture jacket for my mom a few years ago for which I had to knit a band of cable that was sewn on after the pieces were assembled. Come to think of it, it worked just fine.

sherry said...

I looked at the explanation of attaching it while knitting it on, and I am going to try that.