Monday, January 08, 2007

Lastrada Help

Well, it sure didn't take me long to run up against a question I couldn't answer. On Page 2 of the directions, (bottom of first column) it says 14 more rows in Colour A , a total of -for me- 17 rows.
OK. then it says work 2 rows in colour B. 19 rows. Continue in stripes as shown in the chart. Each square=2 k rows=1 ridge.

Question: There are two charts shown. I'm assuming that they mean the chart on the right, where it says "Start here after first 10 ridges." (20 rows). Fine, but I have only 19 rows.

What am I missing here? Are they counting the cast on row?



sandra said...

I have just finished a Lastrada. I think you will be best to just count the ridges to start with, I think you are right in your assumption. Definitely start with the right hand chart.
Just a word of caution, ensure your tension matches as even a slight deviation can mean ending up with a larger garment than you intended.
I did the biggest size and there was an error on page 4 where it referred to 167 sts instead of 160, so check when casting on the other side that the figures given add up to the amount you are casting on.
I have read other comments saying the sizes are generous which is why I think the tension check important
Happy knitting.

Barbara said...

Thanks, Sandra. I will definitely pay attention. And the instructional classes at my LYS were cancelled, so this blog is my support line. :-)

Anonymous said...

You (or I) have old directions. I knit the Lastrada and my pattern reads: "Work 12 more rows in colour A, (a total of 15 rows), 399 (415) sts rem on needle.
Work 2 rows in colour B. Continue in stripes as shown in the chart. Each square = 2 rows = 1 ridge.
When the garment has 28 (28) ridges including the Band (see chart), shape neckline...."
ALSO on my chart it says: "Start here after the first 9 ridges." then on the left hand chart (they are side by side) it says: "continue here".
Mine finished BIGger than I would of liked, and I thought I had gauge, so error on the smaller size as Sandra suggests.
Sandra, On my page four, left hand side, bottom of second paragraph it says: "tog through the back loops, k 158 (166), k 2 tog, place the second marker..." is this where you had the error on page four?
Good Luck Barbara!! Let me know if I can help.
For some reason this won't let me sign in, other than anonymous, so I'll sign my name here...Denise/CT

bgoodere said...

I am knitting the Lastrada and I am confused by the directions for the neck decreases. The directions say to knit to one stitch before the marker then slip 2 stitches together knitwise knit 1 and pass the two slipped sts. over the knit sts. What happens to the marker? It would appear to be caught in the middle of the sts. I guess I am a novice at interpreting Hanne instructions. thanks for any help.