Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ballerina yardage and using soft yarn

I know I've seen questions and answers about what the yardage (or weight) is for making mermaid, but does anyone have that info for ballerina (either the 2 color or 4 color version or better yet both)!

Also, has anyone tried making any of the Hanne designs using a very soft yarn like alpaca or merino? I know someone hypothesized that they would not be firm enough, but I wondered whether anyone actually tried and what was the result.



Ellen said...

I've made one Mermaid using Knitpicks Palett and I liked it very much. It had a little more body to it.

Anonymous said...

My friend made a Mermaid out of a beautyful baby-alpca yarn.
and she like it a lot.
Here's a link to a pic:
it is black, with dark-grey stripes and orange gussets.
And I made a La Strada (modified pattern) out of this Baby-Alpaca and a fleece-artist yarn:

let me know if you're interested in the alpaca yarn.
angela [at]bestrickendes [dot] de