Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Blogger help please

I feel like a bad hostess - does anyone know how to fix our sidebar so it lines up with the messages instead of going below them? I'm pretty new to Blogger and would appreciate any advice.

As for my Mermaid, I started a gauge swatch but now I'm traveling and didn't want anything to get messed up, so it's on hold til I get home. I'd be curious to hear what needle sizes you're using - is the 3mm getting gauge for you?

I'm also interested in more discussion on sizing - especially from those of you who have been lucky enough to try on samples or already completed a HF project. It sounds like the sizing runs quite large. Thoughts? It's really helpful if you have a good feel for sizing if you let us know what size you normally wear and what size HF project you're going to make.

We've had lots of new members sign up in the last 24 hours due to Wendy mentioning the group so all you newbies, please jump in and introduce yourself.


amy! said...

Becky -- I think it looks good with the button and description on black instead of in the bubble with the participants. I thought it was a design feature. But I can help you fix it if you like. I'll e-mail you.

Annie said...

I went up a needle size to a US 3 and got gauge last night. I need to run to the LYS to get an 80mm needle. The only free US3 needle I have is 16"!

Also, I decided to go with the medium. I'm usually a true medium, and although the measurements look a bit large, that's fine with me.

Liz said...

I had to fiddle a lot with needle sizes and blocking to get the gauge right, but it was definitely worth it. I'm a pretty standard medium size when it comes to sweaters, and making the medium worked perfectly for me. But then again, I think you can stretch the measurements quite a bit in either direction by blocking.