Monday, January 23, 2006

Pagode arrives!

Hello, my name is Trish and I'm excited to start knitting on my first Hanne Falkenberg kit. I'm doing Pagode in Color 1, and the kit I ordered from ebay (Juliepoolie's) arrived today! Here's the yarn-->

I've admired Hanne's designs for several years, but it was this knit-along that got me finally moving on it. I think it was either Pygmalion or Pagode that I saw in person and was impressed with the wearability and lightweight.

I like knitting garter stitch (good thing for this project, right?) because I can do it continental instead of my usual throwing, which is harder on my hands. However, continental purling continues to be a struggle--I can do it but it slows my knitting down a lot.

The gauge swatch is cast on and I'm gartering away...

By the way, I was the person who made the Pagode version of the knitalong button--I'd be glad to make any other variations of buttons for those who aren't knitting Mermaid or would rather it be in a different color. Just let me know what you'd like (I do like to make buttons!). You can email me at trish 'at' randomthreads 'dot' com .


1 comment:

morgan said...

I have a few Pagode kits too. I love your colorway! I think its one I have so I can't wait to see yours knit up!

I have seen the Pagode in person too and its beauuuutiful!