Thursday, January 26, 2006


I am about to frog my whole sweater and restart it. I have made it to the underarm gusset (the first time the pattern gives you a stitch count) and I am way off. I started to do a row by row instruction and am stuck on page 2 of the pattern, right hand column where it states:"continue in Stripe pat and work edge sts along the shoulder similar to the edge along the lower edge of the jacket "(OK I get that part) THEN it says "AT THE SAME TIME slant the shoulder line by dec 1 st inside edge-sts every 6 ridges 3(3)4 times. After a total of 16(16)18 ridges in STRIPE PAT [last ridge is A] work the first gusset". By my count if you did all 4 decreases for the size large every 6 ridges you would run out of ridges before you hit the gusset. By my count I'd need 24 ridges to get all my decreases in. Has anyone else run into this problem? If so how did you solve it?


amy! said...

Holly --

You continue working the decreases after the gusset. If you look at the diagram on the last page, it shows the slant continuing past the gusset.

But it is a tricky section. I'm writing out line-by-line directions in a spreadsheet and I'm past the armhole gusset, but boy was it tricky to make sure the stitch counts came out right.

amy! said...

Er, "line-by-line" = "row-by-row".

Mari said...

okay then...that means I'm not missing the decreases I thought I was, this is right where I'm at...maybe I will pick this back up this weekend and continue. Thanks for the pointer Amy!