Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mermaid Spreadsheet Update

Many thanks to Jessica who is knitting on ahead and found a few issues with the spreadsheet. I've corrected those and completed listing out the rest of the pattern as well. If you would like a copy, see my previous post for instructions on getting it.

Please let me know if you find other issues with the spreadsheet while you're knitting.

Also, now that I've completed the pattern and know exactly how many rows it has, I have generated a few sizing observations.

For the medium, there are 337 ridges along the hem. At proper gauge, this works out to 53 inches around the hem. There are 217 ridges at the narrowest point around the middle, or waistline, which works out to 34.2 inches. At the top of the armholes, or the bustline, there are 253 ridges, which works out to 39.8 inches. Further, the average number of stitches from the shoulder to the hem is 152, which works out to about 24 inches.

Take these into advisement when deciding on size.


Steph said...

Thanks for that info. I'm just finishing the last icord on the body (and still have the sleeves). I'm concerned about the length--do you know the measurements?

And, do the front icords match? Because mine look different.

Annie said...

Thanks again, Amy. I started using the spreadsheet last night & it's so helpful. I really appreciate all the work that you've put into this project!

amy! said...

Steph, I mentioned my calculations for length in that post. It seems that with the number of stitches given, at the suggested gauge, that the length will be a bit shorter than what the pattern lists.

Billie said...

Thanks SO MUCH for the spreadsheet, Amy, and these sizing calculations - that's exactly what I needed.

Mermaid is supposed to actually be able to close at the front when worn, yes? If these measurements are without blocking (as I'm guessing, given how you did the calculation), I should still be better off with the medium than the large.

amy! said...

Yes, my calculations are based simply on the pattern gauge as listed and the number of stitches and rows. No blocking involved. Since others have said that blocking larger is possible, I bet a medium is good.

Ros said...

I'm working on Amy's spreadsheet (thanks Amy!) but adapting it for size large. I don't have Excel at home but am converting it from the pdf to a Microsoft Works sheet (I have huge admiration for Amy doing this from scratch. It was a God send having Amy's to crib from). So if anyone out there needs it in large, I have almost completed the main body section on the sheet. I think it can be saved as a pdf file.