Saturday, January 21, 2006

Introducing myself

I am knitting the Ballerina in colourway 15 as a late Christmas gift for my mother. I became a Hanne fan after knitting Mermaid in September.

Mermaid is the one of my handknits that I wear a lot. The shape and fit is fantastic, the design is original, the colours are great and the yarn is light and warm. I'm pretty sure I'll be knitting more of them (Falkenberg designs, not all nine Mermaids!!) for myself too, but right now it seemed the best gift I could think of for my mother.

When I knit Mermaid I had a problem with sloppy looking stitches and rows that seemed to far apart when I knit on 3 mm needles, so I had to us 2.5 mm to get decent stitch appearance.I am a loose knitter, so I figured the gauge would be ok. I never actually checked the gauge (too scary), but the finished garment was fine and the pieces fit well together, so this time around I picked up the 2.5 mm from the start.

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