Monday, January 23, 2006

My Introduction

Hi all, another Mermaid knitter here! I started back in November, but then got sidetracked by some holiday knitting and a sexy pair of Jaywalkers. I have managed to finish the body and one sleeve, in Colourway #5, a black-grey-blue combo. I am really enjoying this project, it is by far the most complicated and difficult pattern I have ever attempted, but it is seriously addictive! I can definitely see a few more Hanne Falkenberg patterns in my future. Now if only they didn't take me 3+ months to knit. Next I hope I will be able to bring myself to knit some of the really beautiful blazing colourways like the rest of you ;)

The Body

Sleeve 1

(Click either pic for a gallery of my Mermaid pics)


amy! said...

That looks fantastic! And huge! How big is it?

Not An Artist said...

Its the largest size, since I am a big girl ;) On the other hand, I can reassure anyone with doubts about running out of yarn... I just weighed my sleeve and the remaining yarn I have is more than enough to finish. Very generous yarn amounts in the kit.

Billie said...

Your pics are gorgeous and inspiring (and your cats are super cute)!

Does the large seem like it's going to fit you, now that it's almost done? (Trying to figure out whether to do large or medium - I'm thinking that a size 16 ain't no medium in anyone's book...)

- Billie
(another tattooed knitting geek)

Not An Artist said...

It is hard to say -- the body seems a bit big, but with the flare it is tough to judge. I do think the sleeves will be a bit large, the cuff is almost double what I would have thought necessary.

Mari said...

I just sent an email to becky to join the KAL, I love your pictures! would you be willing to share your handwritten notes? I can email you proof of ownership if you'd like...I'm stuck at the first gusset with the doesn't seem like there are enough ridges to do them before the gussett.

queenofegypt said...

you did that in 3 months? Mine is gonna take me 3 years probably.