Monday, January 23, 2006

The right time for this...

Hi Everyone! Talk about great timing on this KAL.

(standing up to introduce myself and tell my story, my addiction...)

I am Morgan from FiberAddict. I am addicted. I am now able to admit it. Seeing this KAL has made me take a mini mental inventory of all the Hanne kits that I own.

(hanging my head in shame for a moment ... then lifting it, realizing, that i am FREAKIN lucky that I have so many)

I am not ashamed to admit that I probably have about 7-10 kits. I am a huge fan of Cucumber Patch in the UK. I get most of mine from her since she has such great prices. Who can say no to a great price for a Hanne kit???!!!

I am trying to figure out which kit I am going to do for this KAL. I have the Promenade shawl out in a bag by my couch in hopes that I would be able to get it done. In person it is beautiful finished. So, I am thinking that I might do that one? I'll pull some pictures together and maybe y'all can help me decide!

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Not An Artist said...

OK, insert jealousy here! I am dying to try Tweedie, but not until I finish up my first Mermaid, and I have such a backlog I am holding off on ordering any new kits. I love Cucumberpatch too, it is where I got my Mermaid kit.

Good luck with Promenade, if that is what you pick, it is gorgeous! What colourway do you have?