Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ballerina spreadsheet again

Upon closer inspection, I think I've figured out why my 3 edge stitches aren't working after Row 943 (Back section). The k1, s2-p wyib that you do at the beginning of the row is missing. Am I correct and can someone who has made this successfully please tell me on which Row I need to begin doing this? Would it be on Row 943 with color B? I am quite certain that everyone figured this out-no doubt you are all more experienced than I, but just in case some of you are novices like me, we need to spell it out so no confusion occurs.


Janice said...

Throughout the pattern -- except for the sleeves -- the 3 stitch edge is maintained. You are correct that the instructions should read k 1 slip 2 with yarn in back. This mistake is also made in the gussets which are one color. Even then to maintain the proper tension the alternate instructions apply to the 3 edge stitches which form the base of the back and front. Whatever your main color is (mine was a red) is the color that is carried so that when there are stripes the one color forms the edge. I hope this helps.

sherri said...

It helps tremendously and I am soo grateful to you. I figured it was just a typo, but I nearly drove myself crazy.I imagine Amy will correct the spreadsheet at some point. No doubt she is busy. I would be thrilled if you would send me your grid. My e-mail is

It really helps to have wonderful knitters like you who are so willing to help and share. I can not thank you enough for your reply.