Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Has anyone knit PROFIL? If so, is it knit on the diagonal and seamed together down the front or is it knit some other way? The reason I ask is that before I invest in it, I want to feel fairly confident that I will like it when it is done. I have already knit a sweater by another designer that was knit on the diagonal and seamed and I really didn't like the finished product at all.


Jinx said...

Do you have the opportunity to ask the yarn dealer who sells the kit? They are supposed to know (that's what I always do)


Anonymous said...

The back and sides are knit with an increasing number of stitches to make the bias. The stitches are left live; the front is knit between these live stitches with the last/first stitch of the front knit together with one from the back/side. I hope this makes sense! There is no sewn construction at all.