Friday, September 21, 2007

Mermaid Skein Weight

Update before casting on:

I weighed my skeins for the Mermaid 7. My scale isn't super high-tech, but here is the info. Purple has 6 of one weight and 1 skein of another... strange.

Lilac- 2 skeins: 55 grams each

Aubergine- 2 skeins: 50 grams each

Purple- 6 skeins: 45 grams each

Purple- 1 skein: 25 grams

Hopefully this is helpful for future Mermaids :)

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Denise/CT said...

I think it's great that you posted this here. This question has been raised many times. I for one still want to knit the Mermaid and I know I'll refer to this posting. Several of the gals have weighed the skeins and found that one or more are a different weight.
Thank you for documenting it here and sharing.