Sunday, September 16, 2007

New Mermaid!

Hi, I'm new to this group. This is my new Hanne kit for Mermaid 7. I have 7 skeins of purple, 2 each of aubergine and lilac. I'll weigh them also, but I need to find my scale.

I'd like to start knitting the mermaid, but I have a large stash problem, so I'm going to rush to finish my current project called A Walk in the Woods as incentive to start the mermaid. Purple is my favorite color, so I'm pleased to have such a beautiful kit! When I start, I believe I will do a provisional cast on as others have suggested. I'll keep you posted here and on my blog.

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purple-power said...

Welcome. Purple is my favorite color too - the kit is very beautiful. Have you weighed the balls yet? Were they each the same weight?