Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hi, I'm new

I'm new to your KAL. I assumed that the Hanne Falkenberg pattern kit I ordered from Cucumberpatch (in England) would take a while to get here (Great Lakes area). Boy, was I wrong! Yay!! Here's a pic of my kit:It's the ballerina swing jacket, and it's so beautiful! Can't wait to get started on it.

Here's what I wrote about it on my blog! It's this colorway, #12:

I'm so glad to be part of this KAL. I am hoping to glean some tips from all you veteran Hanne-Along'ers, as I've heard this can be a tricky pattern to work from her printed pattern. But I'll work my way through it, I love Hanne's style, just classy and beautiful.

My progress on ballerina may be slow to begin with--I cannot actually start it until my Christmas knitting is done. I'm half-way there.....ballerina is the carrot dangling in front of me (not that I'm like a mule or anything!)


Noukie said...

Welcome from another newbe :-)

Aim said...

Thanks, noukie!

Jane said...


I'm also new to this KAL and have just received my first Hanne Falkenberg kit.

I've also forbidden myself the pleasure of starting until I've finished my Christmas knitting.

We'll see if I can stand it long enough to finish up the presents.