Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ballerina yarn weights

Hi everyone. Am swatching for the first Ballerina I've ever done. This is my first HF pattern too. I saw that you are all weighing your yarns before starting--great idea! Mine came out like this:

Colorway #12

400 Gm main color A("dusty green")
100 Gm color B ("sage green")
75 Gm color C ("dusty rose")
25 Gm color D ("turquoise")

Hope that will help anyone who needs it. Hope it helps ME, when I go to make the next one.... :oD

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Ros said...

Thanks for the information. Ballerina is on my wish list and so I'm sure the yarn weights will come in handy when I get through my stash and finally get to Ballerina (I need to do Promenade, Tivoli and Ping Pong first...)