Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hello from The Netherlands

Hi, I'm new here. I haven't a clue how this blog works but I hope to find out soon. I am Anouk, 37 and I live together with my husband and my 3 cats in The Netherlands. I just ordered a Pingpong-2 and I'm waiting until it has arrived from Denmark to the shop and then to my doorstep. I hope I can find out about the pattern and that's exactly why I became a member here. For ALL my questions *LOL*

I do some knitting already from I was a child. Sometimes I didn't do any knitting for years but about 2 years ago I even started to knit socks. That worked out very well and I still love to knit beside my other hobbies like rubber stamping. Now I have enough confidence to try a HF kit :-)


fiberfanatic said...

Welcome! So glad you have joined us. What color of PingPong did you choose?

Noukie said...

Thank you for the welcome. I choosed black/blueberry (number 2).

Aim said...

Good luck on your project! I am new here too, making Ballerina.

Anonymous said...

hey Anouk, welcome to the gang!
hoi Anouk, welkom bij deze bende!

Anonymous said...

Hoi Anouk,

Geen idee waar je woont, maar de pakketten zijn ook in Nederland te koop.
Ribbels in Leiden verkoopt ze. Als je een kleur of pakket wil die ze niet heeft, dan besteld ze het voor je, en stuurt het dan naar je op. Ik had mijn pakket in twee weken thuis.
O ja, ik heet Marja, ben 43 jaar, heb diverse handwerk-hobby's en hou van lezen. Tussendoor probeer ik twee kinderen en 4 katten op te voeden.
Je kan me altijd mailen op
Een blog heb ik niet. Liever besteed ik de tijd aan breien :)

sherri said...

Welcome. My husband and I have family in the Netherlands and will be traveling there in April. We land in Amsterdam and will stay for a few days before going to spend time with family. Is there a great yarn shop that you know of either in Amsterdam or elsewhere? We will be going to the Hague, Ter Apel, and Heerenween.