Friday, September 07, 2007

Studio support

While awaiting a spreadsheet for Studio, I am attempting to go it alone on my first Falkenberg. I sure could use some assistance. On Page 2, Joining Triangle and Side Panel, directions say to knit until the last st of triangle, and then slip the next two sts. My question: Do I knit across ALL sts of the triangle, and be slipping the first two sts of the side panel? OR Do I knit across until 1 st before the last st of the triangle, and then sl that st as well as the first st of the triangle? I am grateful for any assistance you may have to offer. Thank you kindly.


Jinx said...

I'm not sure whether I got this right, but I think you mean the border? How to deal with the first, respectively last three stitches, depends on the colour you knit with.


Spit Splice said...

Greetings and gratitudes for your response. Actually, no. It is not the border stitches. It is the actual Joining of the Triangle to the Side Panel. Does Hanne want us to knit across all 38 sts on the first triangle, then slip the first two sts of the side panel, k1, psso? OR does she intend for us to knit up to one st rem on the Triangle, and then slip that st as well as the first st of the side panel, k1, and pass over those two sts?

Thank you so very much for any support you have to offer!

Jinx said...

I read again the German instructions (which are the ones I use), and there it's said to knit the last stitch of the triangle and the first of the side panel together - that's it. I did so and it came out perfect.