Monday, September 17, 2007

New Hanne knitter!

Hi! I have just rejoined this KAL.. I joined in the past but other projects got in the way. Looking forward to learning a lot from all of you who have made wonderful sweaters (I have been watching).

I am a size small and I'm trying to change Amy's spreadsheet to the smallest size.

My question is - after line 44 on Amy's body (size M) - "Cast off 23, knit to last 3, sl 2 wyif, k1" - which I need to do earlier..

From then on - Row 1 of the 4 row pattern for stripes - (Amy's row 47) the spreadsheet says "Knit across".

I don't see that in Hanne's pattern. Does anyone know why this is different?

Thanks in advance and come to my blog!

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RickiLynn said...

I just figured it out.. The pattern says to make the shoulder edge look like the bottom edge. In the rows where Amy says "Knit across" - the previous directions for that row (row 3 of the pattern) start the edge with "Knit to last 2" - so it would be changed to "Knit across" so that the neck edge is only knit stitches.

Converting the sheet to size small is not easy but when I'm done - if anyone wants it (who already has Amy's) - let me know.